Saturday, December 13, 2008

Approved Killers

This is not flash news anymore, i think. Because all the news channels already scrolling this news without any interruption.

In warangal, two days ago, two girls (namely prannetha & swapnika) were attacked with acid.  Last night, police men killed the suspects in what they call an "encounter", where they claim that the "culprits" were trying to escape and the police had no option but to kill them. All the Women Societies and Students of the various colleges celebrated. But no one thinking about the facts. The two sides of the coin are not being shown properly. They have shown it in the light of the boy being a bad person, but has the story of Srinivasa Rao, given the same airtime as that of swapnika? Is it a case where popular belief that "boys are bad while girls are good" has taken over the minds of the people?

One side of the story according to Swapnika, is that he (srinivas) used to come regularly to her home. His (srinivas) father is a Builder and was developing some property just beside her house. Srinivasa Rao used to talk and he used to gift her regularly. Later on he proposed to her. She denied and told to her father, who worked in Indian Army. Her father called Srinivas's parents and got them aware of the situation and asked them to control Srinivas. Later on he used to harass her and one day he went to her house with acid bottle and asked her mother about swapnika's whereabouts. Just few days before this, srinivas burnt swapnika's fathers bike which was parked infront of her house. He allegedly warned that he would kill swapnika's brother. Swapnika's parents complained to the police, but was of no vail since, srinivas used his influence and came out with in one day.

After that swapnika was coming with her friend on a scooter and heard someone call her from behind. When she turned back he poured acid on her and her friend who driving the vehicle.

This is one side of the coin. on the other side:

According to Srinivasa Rao, She used to move closley with him and accepted the gifts which he used to give her regularly. He spent more than Rs. 25000 on her by giving gifts and other parties. Later on, she used started roaming with another guy. He asked her about the issue and she told him that she never loved him. Then he asked her about the gifts and other expenditure, which he spent for her. He offered to give those back to him and told him to meet her at the college. In the college she encouraged her newly found "lover" to fight with Srinivas. Then he returned and decide to take revange on her. That day Srinivas along with his two friends followed her on a bike and stopped her. Then immediatley he poured Sulphuric acid on her with glass and ran away from there.

This is the other side of the coin.

But, the police men killed the suspected guys on the day of this writing . They said that, the suspects attacked them when they took them to the place where the bike used to commit the crime and the rest of the things were stored. At this instant they attacked the police with the help of acid, knife and country made pistol.

Just think, how the suspects under custody can get all these weapons? If the suspected guys really did the things, is there any right with the policemen to kill the guys. Ofcourse, to avoid such future crimes they might be might have taken that decision, but why did they killed the remaining persons. Somehow what the policemen said cant be believed. Just imagine, if it was the guy who complained to the police about the girl harassing him and cheating him, would they have taken it seriously? Politicians always see the people as Voters. Only 5000 people demanded the Govt to kill the guys and the Govt did the same. If the Guys are Proved as innocient in later days, can the Govt return their life? if they cant, what right do they have to kill them ? Have you seen any punishment where judgement is taken without taking note of both sides of the coin? Why did the govt take this kind of judgement?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Status of Muslims in India

I was on a trip to hyderabad recently. On the way, I had experienced what I might call post-terrorism India, or maybe its my imagination.

One thing i have to agree, after the terrorist operations, i do see muslims with a bit of suspicion. I cant help it. Its like my brain automatically scans for them, and then it tries to see if they have any "weapon" on them. I also try my best not to aggrevate them and then i would always stay away from densly populated area's of you know who. I am being quite frank here.

On this trip i saw that we had a middle aged muslim in our 6 berth zone. Thats it, i began suspecting things. Now please dont make a conclusion that I am against them or something. I have had muslim friends, but i was helpless, moreso because the terrorists had announced that they would hijack trains during that period. My mind took over and made all kinds of conclusions.

Now i was sure i would stay up most of the night. But then, after him followed his two daughters. I breathed a sigh of relief. Thank goodness i thought, maybe I would live another day. So we sat there, and he got the berth on top - opposite to mine and a pal of mine took the middle berth. My frnd here, was alotted the lower berth, but he took the middle one. I then asked him, with an unmistakable pinch of fear, whether they could take the lower berth or whether they wanted us to move. He said without looking up "Ham adjust kar lenge" (we'll adjust)

If you have ever been in an Indian train, then you'll know that the backrest while you sit down will convert into the middle berth. So later on one side was taken down so that all people could sit down, and the other was still there where his daughters were sleeping. This poor guy was up all the time, although he was sleepy, because my frnd took the upper berth now, and i took the other one (the one that acutally belonged to this middle aged gentleman). He waited and waited and then once the middle berth was pulled up his side, he silently went there and slept.

Now why I would say this is different is, if it was anyone else, even me for that sake, i would have asked the person who occupied my place to kindly move. Because that would be the place allotted to me after all. This guy didnt do that. He just quietly "adjusted" and did all things without causing any "inconvenience to others".

Now this is sad you know, because of a few morons with dysfunctional dicks, the others have to suffer. These guys are now trying to prove that they are good. Thats a sad state you would agree, because it is in reality another form of torture. It is definitely discomforting if you have to give up things to prove your a good person. I hate this, and i wish we all could live in peace. But then i also wished the parliament blew up and the politicans died. Sigh. I hate those terrorists.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Emotional Murder of Indians

I dono what disgusts me the most, is it the cold blodded killing of the Indian people or is it the daily emotional murder.

You have to be dead to be an Indian, atleast emotionally. The politicians do all kinds of immoral stuff, they kill the people they want, they grab lands they like, they treat people like dirt, or the police, who only work for the rich and do nothing for the poor. The motto in India is if your rich and you belong to the caste the ruling party belongs to, then, India is a playground for you, otherwise your the ball, others will play on.

This characteristic stems from the fact that all Indians are morons by birth. Its mostly about how we could gain from others loss, rather than how we all could win-win. I dono about other countries, but im just stating what i hate about being an Indian. The people who are at the top are incapable of performing their duties and the people who could are capable will not be allowed to come to the top.

Now that the general elections are over and Delhi is safely in the hands of the ruling congress. The so-called "stern action" would be throw in to the dustbin and we will be back to our regular "whore-self".

India had a chance to tell the politicans we mean business, but it lost it. Im only waiting for a chance to get out of this country now.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


I say that again. All those people in Andhra Pradesh, VOTE FOR LOK SATTA in the next elections. Why? Whaddaya mean by why? If you have a head and some brain juice in it, then just look around you. Ill give you some beauties that this state has:

1) The economy of the state is in shambles. The present government only plans for the next day. THey have no idea on what to do the next month itself. The solution which the Chief Minister has found for our problems is to sell the land. But for how long can he do that? The land has a limit. You cant go on selling land.

2)The government isnt protecting us from the terrorists. NO they aernt. They say they are protecting the people with the help of the police force. But seriously. When has the police actually stopped a major terrorist event? You cant stop the terrorists from doing anything it seems. Its like the Police are sitting there, for a bomb to explode and then go and investigate. If this was the type of security america had, then wowee! it would be blown up in a month.

3) The state Government wants to get us drunk. The average cost with which the AP state beverages corporation gets the beer bottles is at Rs.15 or so, and they sell it in the market for a profit percentage of 400% So becaue of this huge profit margin, the state government has recently given a go - ahead to the beer companies to start production during the nights too.. giving the state government another Re0.50 per bottle. WHat is this?

3) None of the MAJOR parties have any agenda. The congress, Praja Rajyam, TDP. They dont know what to do. They are clueless and they keep showing us that dream land where everyone is happy etc etc. If you go to a rally and ask for "FREE POWER" They'll say "YES! YOU'LL GET FREE POWER". And seriously since when can actors make good Chief ministers? That too without 0 (zero) knowledge of policies, 0(zero) knowledge about the economic status?

- The Congress answers to all questions saying they have spent soo much money on irrigation. But If you have read papers alll that money goes back to the politicans pockets. none of hte projects are showing progress.

- The Praja Rajyam party says that it is in the process of forming policies.

- THe TDP (which used to be my past favourite) is now-a-days towing the congress route of showering promises. Most of which cannot be fulfilled.

- The lok satta has a 50 point agenda. Go here >
 See the difference?

Who would you like running you place? A person who knows what he is doing? or a person who bluffs. Its your choice. Its your vote. But make that count.


What is happening?? Where Am it? Is this where I live?

why im thinking like this?

Just last two days back terrorists attacked Mumbai city and killed number of people including foreigners. Is government doing its duty properly? The answer is no. All the intelligence bureau men are busy to find out the political party secrets and they have no time to find out about the terrorists and all the important things for what they were . They are very busy to prove their intelligence & analytical skills to find out the political secrets to support the present government. Because this government knows that the political parties are more dangerous than the terrorists for their existence.

Our country is guarded by the INDIAN Army, Navy and Airforce. When we want to go outside the country we have to face so many rules and regulations starting from passport to . But how did the terrorists in our country with such high quantity of dangerous weapons and explosives? Police officers in Mumbai told that the TERRORISTS came before 4 months and stayed in the city and then they attack. Why the police men could not figure out the terrorists along with explosives during this four months. Where is the failure?

Failure is on the part of the politicans. Because they are doing lots of stupid things to the people and country. And on top of this, they need black cat commandos security to show their prestige to the people.
The worst part is they did't give permission to the commandos to start the operation immediately when they reached , because there were a lot of fools who wanted credit for themselves.

We just have to think the facts what is motto behind the attack ? whatever it is, the politics is what made it successful. We should be aware of the politics and cheap tricks played by the politicians.

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